Have the Vision. Make it Happen. Enjoy the Moment.


Hi Friend! 

First off – THANK YOU. 

Thank you for taking the time to see what we are all about – how we can assist with any event from decor to tuxedos & suits.  

Our Pretty Things.

Prom, Engagement Party, Bridal or Baby shower, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation or any other amazing social event you have planned.

Rustic, woodsy, shabby-chic, vintage & eclectic rental items speak our language!


No event we have ever done has been the same, and it shouldn’t be.

You are unique and so are your ideas, which is why we do not offer any packages – everything is customized based on what you want.


You have to have an enormous amount of trust to believe the vision you have had in your mind for so long will come to life – if you let someone else tackle it. 

We understand that stress and want you to be over the moon when you walk into your event space and see it for the first time.

Let our set up and take down crew handle it.


Hello Handsome. Ready to Suit up?

Tuxedo & Suit Rentals

Dressin’ to Impress from Prom to a Party to your Wedding Day.

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